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Why cursive?

The Missing puzzle piece for ADHD, anxiety, depression, and Dyslexia

While the increase in dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety, and depression among children cannot be solely attributed to the absence of learning cursive writing, there is a compelling case for reintroducing this tool into schools. The potential benefits include increasing fine motor skills, enhancing language skills and cognitive development, as well as balancing emotional well-being make it a valuable asset in addressing these challenges. By recognizing the significance of cursive writing and implementing a comprehensive approach, we can work towards empowering our youth with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of language, learning, and mental health.


Learn  to write in CURSIVE

Crack the Cursive Code is an innovative and fun way to learn how to write in cursive. This program is based on a pangram sentence that includes every letter of the alphabet which reduces busy work while being engaging for both the writer and instructor.


Included:  a 3000 word adventure story,  coloring book and a variety of practice pages to help learn cursive writing.   LEFT HANDED?? No problem! We have love for our lefty's for the activity book also comes in a left handed format - no more spine in the way! 


With Crack the Cursive Code, you'll learn to write in cursive in a fun and creative way.